An online grinder from New Jersey, Scott Blumstein, has won this year’s WSOP Main Event, walking away with over $8 million. Find out more!

There is a new world champion in town, and he predicted his win prior to leaving New Jersey for Vegas, taking out the $10,000 Main Event World Championship. Scott Blumstein collected his gold and diamond bracelet from the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, as well as the $8,150,000 prize. He had told his close friends he was off to Vegas and was “just going to win.”

Misses Events In 2017 World Series Of Poker

In order to hone his skills, ready for a crack at the big one, Blumstein missed the first 72 events of the 2017 World Series of Poker, as he tried to improve his game by playing online poker tournaments in New Jersey. Then when he felt he was ready, he headed off to Vegas.

The 25-year-old poker player made it to the final table and ended up against Dan Ott in the final. Blumstein began the heads-up play by slowly grinding down his young opponent and overtime began to win most of the smaller pots.  Blumstein would finally seal the win with a river card to take out the World Championship.

Winning Hand

With Ott sitting on Ace Diamonds and 8 Diamonds, it was the river that won it for Blumstein, when a fortuitous 2 Hearts hit the deck, to add to his Ace Hearts and 2 Diamonds. He had won the 2017 World Series of Poker Main Event title on a three-outer on the river. He admitted that “a normally inconsequential deuce just changed my life.”

Ott, though losing, walked away with $4.7 million for his troubles, saying that the chips just didn’t go his way on the day, nor did the cards. He was, however, still happy with runners-up in the third-largest Main Event of all time.

Final Table Results

  • 1 Scott Blumstein United States $8,150,000
  • 2 Dan Ott United States $4,700,000
  • 3 Benjamin Pollak France $3,500,000
  • 4 John Hesp United Kingdom $2,600,000
  • 5 Antoine Saout France $2,000,000
  • 6 Bryan Piccioli United States $1,675,000
  • 7 Damian Salas Argentina $1,425,000
  • 8 Jack Sinclair United Kingdom $1,200,000
  • 9 Ben Lamb United States $1,000,000

Third Largest Tournament Ever

This year’s World Series of Poker Main Event kicked off with 7,221 players until they were whittled down to just Scott Blumstein. He had gone through the first day easily and the further he advanced, the bigger his stack grew, until by day three he was sitting in the eighth position on the leaderboard.

Eventually, it would end up with Blumstein, Ott, and Benjamin Pollak at the table, and after three hours Pollak eventually was knocked out. Then, Blumstein took the win from Ott. Blumstein has said he didn’t enter the tournament to win the $8 million prize on offer, but it was now nice to have some freedom. He’s gone from an online grinder to a World Champion, and the win would now give him the chance to play some more live poker. The winnings would also give him the chance to think about going into business or even back to school.

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