No one can deny that this popular version of the poker game is one of the favorites of all players. Big winning chances and an easy game full of excitement are the main reasons for Texas Hold em poker to be the most common version of the game played in tournaments such as the World Series and the World poker tour.

Texas Hold ’em rules say that you should get the best possible hand, with the combination of the two cards the player holds on his hand and the five cards placed on the table. Here is where the game starts looking good, strategy and calculations are a very important part of the game.

No matter if you are an expert or a beginner, there are some things regarding Texas Hold ’em odds you must know first though each move has its own odds and, understanding these texas hold ’em statistics, will improve your performance as a poker player.

How can you calculate Texas Hold ’em poker odds?

The easiest way to understand this essential matter concerning the poker game is to know that you should study the charts first. These reveal the probability of the cards being dealt at once. Knowing these statistics or odds, you will then increase your chances of winning more money, or at least do not lose it quickly.

There are some poker odds that you should remember well so you can decide whether to raise your bet o leave the hand before the showdown.

Aces, of course, are the most valuable cards in the deck and the odds of being dealt with one of them are one of the most frequently asked questions. No skilled player would sit at a poker table not having the right knowledge of this useful piece of information.

Let´s start by saying that the most expected pair of cards that any player would like to have in one hand are 2 aces, also known as pocket aces. It is the highest pair of cards any player can hold, so you´d be very lucky to get one of these. But is it frequent? Really the odds of getting 2 aces in one hand are 1 in 221, but let´s explain this number with detailed information.

There are 4 aces in a traditional 52 cards deck, so the chance of getting one of them is 4 in 52, or put it in another way, 1:13; if you already got one ace and want to know the odds of getting a second one, which will be 1:17.

To calculate the chances of getting 2 aces in the same hand you need to multiply 13 (the first ace) by 17 (the second ace) and that will give us the following result 1/221, being less than 0.5% of the odds of getting two aces at the same time.

And which are the odds of flopping a straight in Texas Hold ’em?

Straight is made by 5 consecutive cards, being the strongest, the one made by the highest rank cards. Aces can be used either at the beginning or at the end to complete the straight. The probability of flopping a straight is less than 0.1% due to the need to hold two consecutive cards right from the start. As you can imagine it is very unlike to flop one.

Can I play Poker Hold ’em online?

Of course, you can, and you can play with a live dealer as well. Live Casino Holdem brings you the chance of playing this magnificent game at home or anywhere using your mobile device.  The soul of Texas Hold em lies beneath this great version of the game where you will play only against the house.

Strategy is involved in the same proportion as luck so you can be sure you will be able to make your own decisions to increase your winning chances. So if you are a poker fan, here´s your chance to take the casino home and play with a real live dealer. Streamed in live HD, you will experience the magic of the game every time you like, just connecting to the internet.

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